Top Must-Have Integrations for Greenhouse ATS to Enhance Your Hiring Process

By Gregry Livingston

Apr 12, 2024

In the competitive landscape of talent acquisition, having the right tools integrated with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can significantly streamline your hiring process.

Greenhouse ATS offers robust integration capabilities that can save time, improve candidate experience, and ensure seamless hiring workflows.

Here are some of the top integrations that every Greenhouse user should consider to make hiring better, faster, and easier.

Calendly: Automate Your Scheduling

Calendly’s integration with Greenhouse simplifies the scheduling process by allowing candidates to pick interview times that work best for them within predefined parameters set by the recruiters.

This not only impresses top candidates by connecting with them swiftly but also reduces the administrative burden on hiring teams, making it easier to coordinate interviews and minimize delays in the hiring process.

DocuSign: Streamline Document Management

The integration of DocuSign with Greenhouse ATS brings a powerful solution to handle all hiring-related documents.

This integration ensures that documents such as offer letters and contracts are sent, signed, and stored efficiently and securely.

By automating document workflows, this integration enhances collaboration among hiring teams and maintains compliance with hiring standards and regulations.

Wednesday: Enhance Video Screening

Wednesday’s integration with Greenhouse takes candidate screening to the next level.

This video screening platform is not only simple to use but also powerful in its capabilities, featuring automated workflows that help recruiters create and manage candidate shortlists efficiently.

With high-quality video interviews, recruiters can better assess candidates' suitability for roles, enhancing the overall quality of hires and accelerating the recruitment process.

LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect: Leverage LinkedIn’s Network

With LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect, users can sync their Greenhouse ATS with one of the largest professional networks in the world.

This integration allows recruiters to view LinkedIn profiles alongside Greenhouse candidate profiles, providing a holistic view of a candidate’s professional background.

It also facilitates better candidate tracking and communication, ensuring that no top talent slips through the cracks.

HireRight: Conduct Thorough Background Checks

Integrating HireRight with Greenhouse enables recruiters to perform comprehensive background checks, drug testing, and health screenings directly within the ATS.

This integration empowers hiring managers to make informed decisions, ensuring that the candidates they choose to bring on board meet the organization's standards for security and integrity.

Integrations Turn Greenhouse Into An Efficiently And Powerful Tool

By leveraging these integrations, organizations can transform their Greenhouse ATS into a more dynamic and efficient tool, ensuring that the hiring process is not only faster but also aligned with the best practices in talent acquisition.

Each integration brings a unique set of capabilities that, when combined, provide a comprehensive solution to meet the evolving challenges of recruiting. Greenhouse is one of the most popular ATS and there are tons of integrations. Find more here.