Streamline Company Announcements with Wednesday Video Interviews

By Gregry Livingston

Apr 23, 2024

Effective internal communication is vital for the smooth operation and success of any organization. Traditional communication methods like emails and meetings can sometimes fall short in engaging employees and conveying important messages effectively. Wednesday’s on-demand video interview platform offers a dynamic and interactive way to improve internal communication. Discover how using Wednesday for on-demand video interviews can transform the way your team communicates.

The Benefits of On-Demand Video Interviews for Internal Communication

1. Increased Engagement

Video interviews are more engaging than text-based communication. They capture attention and convey emotions and non-verbal cues, making messages more impactful and memorable.

2. Enhanced Clarity

On-demand video interviews allow leaders and managers to convey messages clearly and personally. This reduces misunderstandings and ensures that employees receive consistent and accurate information.

3. Flexibility and Convenience

Employees can access video interviews at their convenience, whether they are in different time zones or have varied schedules. This flexibility ensures that everyone stays informed without the need for synchronous meetings.

How Wednesday Enhances Internal Communication with On-Demand Video Interviews

Leadership Messages

Leaders can use Wednesday to record and share important messages, updates, and announcements. These video interviews can help build a stronger connection with employees, fostering a sense of transparency and trust.

Team Updates

Managers can provide regular updates to their teams through video interviews. These updates can cover project progress, goals, and any changes in strategy, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Employee Feedback

Collecting feedback from employees is crucial for continuous improvement. Wednesday’s platform allows employees to submit video responses, providing authentic and detailed feedback that can be used to enhance workplace practices.

Training and Development

Use on-demand video interviews to deliver training and development content. Managers and trainers can create video modules that employees can access anytime, making learning more flexible and accessible.

Key Features of Wednesday’s On-Demand Video Interview Platform for Internal Communication

User-Friendly Interface

Wednesday’s intuitive platform ensures that creating, sharing, and accessing video interviews is straightforward and easy for all employees.

Customizable Video Content

Tailor your video interviews to address specific topics and needs. Wednesday allows you to create custom interview guides that include video, text, and multiple-choice questions.

Automated Workflows

Simplify the process of scheduling, recording, and distributing video interviews with Wednesday’s automated tools. Schedule regular updates, send reminders, and manage submissions seamlessly.

Advanced Analytics

Track engagement and viewership of your video content with Wednesday’s analytics tools. Gain insights into which messages resonate most with employees and refine your communication strategies accordingly.

Real-World Applications of Wednesday On-Demand Video Interviews for Internal Communication

Company Announcements

Leaders can record video announcements for company-wide updates, new initiatives, or policy changes. This personal touch can make announcements more engaging and impactful.

Project Kickoffs and Updates

Managers can use video interviews to kick off new projects and provide updates on ongoing ones. These videos can ensure that all team members are aligned and informed about project goals and progress.

Employee Recognition

Celebrate employee achievements and milestones through video interviews. Recognizing employees in a personal and public manner can boost morale and foster a positive workplace culture.

Onboarding New Hires

Integrate new employees more effectively with on-demand video interviews. Introduce them to team members, provide orientation materials, and share key information to help them get started smoothly.

Tips for Effective Internal Communication with Video Interviews

  1. Be Clear and Concise: Ensure your video messages are clear and to the point. Avoid lengthy videos to keep employees engaged.

  2. Encourage Interaction: Allow employees to ask questions and provide feedback through video responses. This two-way communication can enhance engagement and understanding.

  3. Promote Accessibility: Make sure video content is accessible to all employees, including those with disabilities, by providing transcripts and captions.


On-demand video interviews are a powerful tool for improving internal communication. With Wednesday’s user-friendly platform, you can create, share, and manage video content that engages employees and enhances clarity. Start using Wednesday for your internal communication today and transform the way your team connects and collaborates.