Recruitment Roundup - April 2024

By Gregry Livingston

Apr 19, 2024

Exclusive hiring platform provides Veterans, military community faster job matches

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Bridge My Return (BMR) has launched an updated version of its platform, BMR 2.0, designed specifically for the military community, which includes Veterans, transitioning service members, and their spouses.

This new version introduces an AI-driven skills-matching algorithm and military skills translator to improve job matching, and integrates feedback from service members and employers to enhance user experience.

The platform is free for military-affiliated jobseekers and supports them with tools like automated resume creation and job matching, while employers benefit from an efficient system to rank potential candidates and manage applications through their existing systems.

Skills-first hiring has CIOs rethinking talent strategies

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There's been a shift in hiring practices among some IT leaders, emphasizing skills over traditional qualifications like job history and college degrees, a trend known as skills-first hiring.

A tight labor market and lengthy job vacancies have led to revamping recruitment and retention strategies. LinkedIn has seen an increase in the use of skills data for hiring and a reduction in degree requirements in job postings.

While some CIOs are fully embracing this strategy to close talent gaps and improve workforce diversity, others express reservations, maintaining a balance between skills and traditional criteria such as education and experience.

Government hiring spree propping up the US job market

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U.S. job growth has exceeded expectations early this year, with a significant boost from government hiring, which contributed about a quarter of all new jobs in the first quarter. March alone saw 303,000 jobs added, notably surpassing forecasts.

This government-driven surge raises concerns about the sustainability of such growth, especially as private sector hiring slows.

Transparency Essential When Using AI for Hiring

source - Society for Human Resource Management

AI is streamlining recruitment from start to finish—and there is a critical need for human oversight to ensure fairness.

Experts discuss the balancing act of using AI to enhance efficiency while maintaining transparency with candidates, particularly in mitigating biases, with examples from industry leaders who have navigated the challenges and opportunities this technology presents.

Discover why AI in hiring is not just about replacing human roles but enhancing them, fostering a more equitable and efficient recruitment process.

Big Tech is on a generative AI hiring spree

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Tech giants like Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and OpenAI are aggressively recruiting for hundreds of roles in generative AI, with the demand for AI and machine learning specialists expected to grow by 30% by 2027.

This hiring frenzy includes positions that blend cutting-edge AI research with practical applications, from AR/VR to safety alignments in AI models, highlighting a competitive race to harness top-tier talent.

As the tech industry scrambles to meet this demand, salaries soar and universities race to produce the specialized PhDs needed to drive the next wave of AI innovation.